Maintenance and cleaning of your rug

You have found your happiness to personalize your interior
and have recently acquired a rug.

A must-have accessory for a warm and harmonious interior, it is possible to maintain the appearance and texture of your rug for a long time by adopting the right gestures every day.

Installing your rug : the right steps to take

Upon receipt, it is advisable to let your rug air out and stretch it out to its full width so that it regains its original shape and freshness if necessary. Most rug , especially woolen ones, when they are new, tend to fluff up and throw off excess fibers during the first few weeks. Don't worry, this is normal and does not affect the quality of the rug. If a thread sticks out, simply cut it off with scissors or thread it through the rug with a hook.

When installing the rug flat woven Kilim type, we recommend the use of a non-slip base so that your rug is not in direct contact with the floor, thus reducing dust retention and friction. In addition, to avoid partial wear and tear and prolonged exposure of one side of the rug, it is advisable to change the layout of the rug on a regular basis.

Maintenance of the rug: what is the procedure to follow ?

For a healthy glow at all times, the vacuum cleaner is your number one ally. Arm yourself with your vacuum cleaner on average once a week, respecting the direction of the bristles and raising the brush. For synthetic fibers, an annual deep cleaning is recommended using a cleaning foam.

To revive the colors, you can moisten it with soda water, let it air dry and brush it gently in the direction of the velvet. For the more fragile rug , it is advisable to call a professional.

Tasks: how to get rid of them?

To remove stains, it is important to act quickly and not let the stain dry out. The first step is to blot the liquid with a paper towel or absorbent cloth until it disappears. Before applying a solution, we recommend that you do a small test on a corner of your rug. If all goes well, you can apply the mixture to the stain from the edge to the center so as not to spread the dirt to clean areas.

Polypropylene carpet (synthetic wool) :

The rug made of synthetic fibers are very easy to clean and do not require any special measures. In case of stains, simply dab the affected area with soapy water and rinse with clear water or vinegar.

Cotton carpet :

For rug cotton, you can use liquid soap, neutral soap or ammonia.

Natural fibre carpets (wool, linen, jute):

These models require more care. The use of a paper or cotton towel is appropriate to effectively absorb liquids. For stubborn stains, the use of a white cotton cloth and a suitable pH-neutral cleaner can save the day.