Learn more about our Belgian-made rug

Our rug woven in Belgium are made of polypropylene - also called synthetic wool - they have a solid and robust finish. Even when used intensively, the surface of this rug maintains its design, its colors and the same soft feel. Easy to clean, water repellent, anti-static and anti-bacterial, it is an ideal fiber for rug.

This rug is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and the "Confidence in Textiles" label that goes with it is synonymous with responsible textile production. It also guarantees that rug is free of all harmful substances.

Easy to maintain, it is a very comfortable rug , naturally anti-noise and which brings heat to a room.

Woven Rug. Anti-mite.

The use of synthetic wool for a rug is not trivial. Today, weaving techniques allow us to create rug soft, fluffy and robust. In addition, it is easy to maintain and does not fade after exposure to light.

Maintenance tips :

- Vacuum regularly, respecting the direction of the bristles and raising the brush

- Do not pull on a protruding wire, but cut it with scissors

- Treat the stains with a cloth or sponge slightly moistened with water and a little neutral soap.

- Do a deep cleaning once a year with a cleaning foam for rug which can be easily found in the shops.