Exceptional styles

AFK Living offers a wide range of rugs, finely selected and inspired by art from all over the world: from the pure and timeless style of Scandinavian Rugs, to the natural colours and tribal motifs of Berber Rugs, to the pure lines, geometric shapes and strong personality of graphic and contemporary Rugs.

Sober and natural colors, a graphic design with accents of travel and escape.

Our selection of Ethnic style rugs

Our selection of Ethnic style rugs
It is the rug classic Berber style that has become a must-have in decoration. A base with natural colors and tribal patterns of dark colors, it is a must-have to choose among multiple designs.

The Berber rug in black and white

The Berber rug in black and white
The modern and graphic version of the classic Berber rug.

The Berber rug in colour

The Berber rug in colour
AFK Living - Emmanuelle Toche

Our story

For the designer, it is impossible not to integrate her passions for art, travel and her own emotions into the decorative objects she chooses to edit

Emmanuelle has always evolved in an artistic environment. The branches of her family tree are hung with painters, musicians and ardent collectors of rug.

AFK Living's environmental commitment

An environmental ethic
All our rug and decoration accessories are created in the respect of the environmental standards. The dyes used for rug are non-polluting. Our manufacturing processes, whether handmade or mechanical, respect people and nature.

Anthony - France Fox Rug

"Thank you for your responsiveness, we are so happy with the result!"

Cécile- France Vintage Rug

"At the top rug thank you! What speed! It is very beautiful, I am very happy!"

Scandinavian style for a hygge interior

A pure and timeless style for a home in the codes of Hygge. The Scandinavian style is defined by its soft colours which bring warmth, comfort and luminosity to the interior.

Graphic and contemporary Rugs

Pure lines, geometric shapes or patterns with strong personality... Our rug graphics will bring character and graphics to a contemporary interior whether it is minimalist or ultra-design.


All our rug are produced
in the respect of the men
and of the environment.

Selection by room

Find the ideal rug for your interior and enhance the rooms of your home.

Children's mats

The little ones also have their own universe, which our selection of rug for children will sublimate.

Children's mats

Mats for children

Discover our rug for the children's room

Are you a professional?

We can help you find the right rug for each of your projects.

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