Focus on the designer

Emmanuelle has always evolved in an artistic environment. The branches of her family tree are hung with painters, musicians and ardent collectors of rug.

"As a teenager, I wanted to create, draw, be an artist".
The little girl's dream that she will never forget.

In the first part of her professional life, Emmanuelle focused on marketing and communication, embracing a career in large companies around the world for fifteen years. She lives in Asia, India and the United States. Her interest in art and creation grew as she discovered local crafts. On her return, the Globetrotter discovered a new planet by becoming a mother.

"I wanted softness, simplicity, harmony even in the decoration of my house. "

This change of life led her to abandon her former profession. "Thanks to this past experience, I was able to combine my artistic fiber with the ability to manage a business.

Then she started to create rug for children and their parents.

The sources of her inspiration? Her travels, her penchant for art, design, Scandinavian decoration and Paris where she was born.

What matters most: "Well-being, family cocoon and zero stress. "

AFK Living - Emmanuelle Toche
Emmanuelle Toche, signature

Our tasks :

Create rug for the family, adapt to a modern lifestyle, be environmentally friendly.

The rug AFK Living dresses all types of modern apartments.

Each of his collections is linked to a journey and an ancestral know-how. (Belgium, India, Morocco, Africa, ... ).

The feeling of well-being and cheerfulness is characteristic of the brand. The warm and intimate atmosphere has the characteristic of comforting and conviviality.

On the one hand, they are unique handmade pieces, true works of art that are passed down through generations and are aimed at real collectors.

On the other hand, they are objects linked to everyday life, accompanying family life and play, even in children's bedrooms.

AFK Living - Emmanuelle Toche

Our environmental charter

All our rug and decoration accessories are created in the respect of the environmental standards.

The dyes used for the rug are non-polluting.

Our manufacturing processes, whether traditional or mechanical, respect people and nature.

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